Before trading read the SECURITY GUIDE

Dispute rules


Before customer support contacts you directly, we would like to inform you about the overall process, specifically the next steps and established timeframes for actions in a dispute. Since the dispute has just started, please be patient and allow our customer support to contact both of you within the next 12 hours. You will receive a message from customer support in the contract’s chat, and also through email.

To reduce dispute time, we kindly ask you to follow these steps:

  • Send a detailed description of the situation to (YOU MUST DO THIS WITHIN 10 HOURS AFTER THE DISPUTE HAS STARTED).
  • We use TLSNOTARY browser extension - we ask you to download it from (click on the browser you use, either Chrome or Firefox) and you can watch the “Quick Start Video” on the same page to learn how it works.
  • Prepare your ID/Passport/Drivers License and payment account statement - customer support may ask for this.

Dispute Rules and Timeframes:

  • Everytime there is a message in the chat from customer support - you will get an email.
  • The maximum dispute duration time is 60 days (the dispute may stretch over this time only if the payment is delayed or if customer support decides that additional time is required for dispute resolution).
  • Customer support needs you to respond within 10 hours of receiving a trader's message.
  • You must respond, and provide any information that the customer support manager finds appropriate, in order to resolve the dispute within the established timeframe.
  • You have a maximum of 10 hours to respond to a message from customer support.
  • You have a maximum of 10 hours to provide information, files and documents asked by customer support.
  • If you do not answer within this timeframe, you will be granted an additional 10 hours, however you will not be able to make any new offers or contracts during this additional 10 hour period.
  • Also, these timeframes can be extended by us if you do not have an opportunity to provide all of the necessary information, files or documents. For example, 3rd party payment service working hours may cause a delay, but in this case, you have to inform us about the reason and let us know when you will be able to provide all of the necessary information.
  • Customer support has the final word.

During a dispute, the following is strictly forbidden:

  • To have a verbal conflict with each other.
  • To provide false and/or fake documents and/or information.
  • To spam the chat.
  • To insult and/or bully.
  • To argue with customer support.
  • To not respond and/or to not provide information, files and/or documents to customer support within the established timeframe, as this will be considered interfering with resolving a problem, and you may lose the dispute.

If you have any questions regarding a dispute, please contact and enter the subject as “Questions regarding dispute”.