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Hodl Hodl について

What is Hodl Hodl

Hodl Hodl is a global P2P cryptocurrency exchange, that allows users to trade directly with each other and it doesn't hold user’s funds — locking it in multisig escrow instead. This minimizes the possibility of crypto assets theft and reduces trading time.

Because Hodl Hodl does not hold any money (neither cryptocurrencies, nor fiat) it is not subject to complex compliance procedures. This allows trades to happen directly between users' wallets and without having to submit your identity to the exchange.

How we are different

The main difference between Hodl Hodl and other P2P cryptocurrency exchanges is that we do not hold user’s funds and do not have KYC/AML procedures. Hodl Hodl is also cheaper than most of the other P2P exchanges, with a maximum fee of 0.6% per trade.

Another important feature of Hodl Hodl is that you can trade Bitcoin and Litecoin in any location in the world, use any payment method, and be paid in any currency.

OTC trading desk

Hodl Hodl helps customers that request trading large amounts find a counterparty, in partnership with licensed European broker Tenbagger. We have our own OTC trading desk, providing non-custodial escrow services for trading Bitcoin.

OTC trading with us gives you:

  • Secure transactions
  • Competitive rates
  • Same day settlement
  • Private and personalized trading experience
  • 24/7 personalized support