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Baltic Honeybadger 2019 Bitcoin conference (Riga, Latvia - Sep 14-15) ticket sales started:

Buy between 10 and 30000 RUB worth of BTC at 280812.51 RUB

Location: Anywhere | trader: Btc-2023
280812.51 RUB
First-trade limit:
10000.0 RUB
Offer balance:
40000.0 RUB
Payment window:
60 min.
Confirmations (BTC) required: 2

To be deposited:


Goes to the buyer:

0 BTC minus tx fee

Exchange fee:


Fiat exchange fee deduction:


Transaction fee (estimated):

0.00001661 BTC
Payment method:
  • Yandex Money
Title: Instantly without commission
Offer description: I keep in touch through messengers from 7.00 to 24.00 Moscow time.
If I do not answer you immediately, please do not worry, I will unsubscribe you as soon as possible.

1. Transfers from third parties are NOT ACCEPTED
2. Payment is made by transferring funds from your Yandex.Money wallet to my wallet - on the “transfers” tab (no commission, time for funds crediting - instant)
3. After you click "Accept offer and create a contract" you will see the details for payment.
4. In your wallet on the “Transfers” tab, enter the amount of the transfer, enter the number of my wallet and add a message in which you enter your profile name on You do not need to create a protection code. Make a payment and click "I paid." Then tell me about it by sending me a private message.

As soon as the money goes into my Yandex.Money wallet, I will confirm the payment, and BTC will go to your wallet.

NOTE: If there is no payment, I may require you to send me a photo (screenshot) of an electronic check or payment transaction history confirming the fact of payment. Please leave positive feedback, even if you decide to cancel the deal, with respect Bt_2023.

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