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Buy between 50000 and 100000 THB worth of BTC at 172722.01 THB

Location: Thailand | trader: brokenmusic
172722.01 THB
Offer balance:
100000.0 THB
Payment window:
180 min.
Confirmations (BTC) required: 1

To be deposited:


Goes to the buyer:

0 BTC minus tx fee

Exchange fee:


Fiat exchange fee deduction:


Transaction fee (estimated):

0.00016748 BTC
Payment method:
  • National bank transfer
Title: Any national bank to BKK bank
Offer description: The payment window is 3 hours. It is preferable, however, that you do a fast transfer.
The account is with the Krungsri bank, account number will be provided when you create a contract.

SCAMMERS STAY AWAY. Scams will not be tolerated. If you're creating a contract with me, be sure to be responsive and provide bank slips of the payment and other info upon request. Thailand bank transfers are instant, so delays will be taken as scam attempts and it will result in a dispute.

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Average payment time:  N/A
Average release time:  0 min
Last trade:  9 days ago
trades: 33
high volume trades: 10
total trade volume: 5-20 BTC / 0-50 LTC
disputes resolved: 1
disputes won: 1
disputes lost: 0
disputes started: 1
disputes received: 0
disputes unresolved: 0
Localbitcoins profile: brokenmusic

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