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P2P cryptocurrency exchange that doesn't hold funds

Buy between 5000 and 6000 USD worth of BTC at 7028.07 USD

Location: Anywhere | trader: btbduihuan
7028.07 USD
Payment window:
60 min.
Confirmations (BTC) required: 0

To be deposited:


Goes to the buyer:

0 BTC minus tx fee

Exchange fee:


Fiat exchange fee deduction:


Transaction fee (estimated):

0.00001154 BTC
Because exchange fee is paid in Bitcoin, we have to deduct half of the fee from the sum to be paid in fiat currency. Please refer to our FAQ section on fees for more info.
Release address:
In case you haven't already entered a release address in the trading settings, you may enter it here. Please note the release address set on this page will only be valid for this one contract and will not be saved for future use.
Payment method:
Cash deposit (Cash)
Payment instructions:
if we are not online hodlhodl please DO NOT open trade.if we are not online here,you can ADD and remind us by our jabber(xmpp):
if we are not online here,you can also remind us by our email is: lipinka(at)
we saw your message on jabber or email,then we will Online here trade with you
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Offer description: buy bitcoin with IRR,USD,EURO cash in iran,israel,italy,iraq,china,hong kong,australia,uk,canada,sg,dubai
No limit to buy cheap price LITECOIN,bitcoin,DASH,XMR,ethereum(ETH),ripple(xrp) in iran,israel,italy,iraq,china,hong kong,australia,uk,canada,sg,dubai,Nigeria,Gha​na,Gabon,Cameroon,Thailand,Malaysia,Korea,Jap​an,Hong Kong,United States with us and we accept you are No Id Needed!No Receipt Needed!No Verification Needed! We always accept All the world most of the currency!! we can face to face meet you;
1: We always accept your Large amount IRR,USD,EURO,GBP cash or International wire(swift wire) or local bank transfers to us to buy LITECOIN,bitcoin,DASH,XMR,ethereum
(ETH)! No Id Needed!No Receipt Needed!No Verification Needed!
2: We always accept all Africa local Currency cash or Africa local bank transfers to buy LITECOIN,bitcoin,DASH,XMR,ethereum(ETH),No Id Needed!No Receipt Needed!No
Verification Needed!
3: we always accept chinese CNY(RMB),HONGKONG dollars(HKD),Australian AUD,Malaysia MYR,Nigerian NGN,iran IRR,XAF,Japanese Yen,Korean Won all the payment methods(such as
VISANET account transfer,cash in hand,Local bank transfer,alipay,chinese bank,hongkong bank,malaysia bank,wechat and more) to buy LITECOIN,bitcoin,DASH,XMR,ethereum
(ETH)! No Id Needed!No Receipt Needed!No Verification Needed!可以在中国任何地点见面接收你的大额现金或者大额银行转账! 无需身份验证,无需转账凭据,接受第三方转账;完全匿名
4: we always accept you use your paypal funds(whatever your paypal funds got by dirty ways or scam ways,whatever your paypal funds is dirty funds or scam funds,we all
accept it!) to buy LITECOIN,bitcoin,DASH,XMR,ethereum(ETH)! ,No Id Needed!No Receipt Needed!No Verification Needed!
we allow you use all kind of type funds to buy Cryptocurrency from us(We accept third-party payments,fourth-party payments,or whatever you get your funds by any
ways,you should understand what we mean,we can cash out all of your funds)
we are looking for long terms business partners!
please contact us:
our jabber(xmpp):
our email is: lipinka(at)
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